American Legion Post 65

Member & Public Announcement(s)


REMINDER:   American Legion Post 65 is a military post established for our veterans in our community; we allow public attendance as our guests, so please be respectful and honor our rules while onsite.   We value your Support and Patronage!!

POST HOURS:   Monday - Friday, 4 PM to Close,   Saturday - Sunday, 11 AM to Close  (Hours are subject to change.)

DRESS CODE:  Inappropriate attire is not permitted and is at the sole discretion of the post.

SMOKING: This is a Non-Smoking establishment.  However, tobacco smoking is allowed on our Patio - ONLY Absolutely NO drugs or marijuana allowed. 

CDC GUIDELINES: Mask-wearing is now optional at Post 65.  

EVENTS @ POST: All events at the post MUST go through our Entertainment Committee. Please contact SAL Commander Dennis E. Prince or Allan (AP) Powell.

MEMBERSHIP:  Time to focus on the 2023-2024 Membership Renewal; our GOAL is 100%.  Contact the post via email:, or go online:

HELP WANTED:  Bartenders and Waitresses are needed; please fill out an application or contact Wilma Dorsey or Sovonya King @ 602-268-6059.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Please call 602-268-6059 and leave a message for the Commander.

  1. Ground Maintenance - removal of any trash.
  2. Post Maintenance - as instructed by House Committee, Commander, or Housekeeping Supervisor.
  3. Cleanup after events - as instructed by the Housekeeping Supervisor.


OUR WEBSITE:   To contact our Site Admin, email us at