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The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs recommends veterans enroll in Medicare when turning 65, even if they have VA benefits:   Medicare for Veterans: A Comprehensive Guide - RetireGuide  &  Tricare For Life and Medicare | Learn How They Work Together (

Recovery Resources for Veterans:

Resources for Military & Families:

Veteran Guide for Finances & Retirement:

Grants/Loans & Training - Veterans Small Business Guide: 

VOSB Guides for Contractors:   Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Certification

(USAA) Veteran Owned Businesses:  Resources for Veteran Owned Businesses

Higher Education for Military Veterans:

Disabled Veterans rights:   Disabled Veterans: A Guide To Discrimination, Other Barriers, And Resources | LegalFinders

Veterans Engineering Careers:  Engineering Career Resources for Veterans | Fairview Microwave

College education for active military members, veterans, and their families: 

Comprehensive Details on Grants for Veterans:  Grants for veterans (

Arizona@Work - Local Veteran Employment Representative:  Andrew Ryan (Cell) 480-737-6219 or (Email)

Veterans’ Guide to Job Hunting in the Civilian Market:

Guide to Personal Financial Support for Veterans: 

Housing Support for Veterans - VA Mortgages, Benefits & Assistance: 

Assistive technology toolkit for veterans with PTSD, examines digital therapy tools and provides resources that can be used by veterans with PTSD alongside treatment:

Life-threatening diseases caused by asbestos exposure.  Free information, resources, and personal assistance to those who have been affected by these diseases and can even help veterans file for their VA benefits: 

Veterans and Military Families:


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