Girls State

The 2021 American Legion, Auxiliary Girls State program will represent 172 high schools in Arizona.  The girls will act as self-governed citizens with adult supervision during the entire period of Arizona Girls State.  Arizona Girls State personnel are in attendance throughout all virtual sessions.  Capable women and counselors will supervise and instruct the delegates in all aspects of the program.

The Girls State program provides young women of high school age the opportunity to study state government.  It teaches them to understand that they are an integral part of the political process.  It helps them realize they have a responsibility to make tomorrow better, the world a better place, and this job is up to them regardless of religious or political beliefs.  It allows them to create, together with their government, which is executed entirely by them, and deal with problems as they arise.  They will see the political process work effectively or have setbacks.


For one week each year,  a NEW STATE comes into being.  Boundaries of this new state will be virtual this year via Zoom.  During the week, they will learn about city, county, and state government, emphasizing political parties, campaigns, and elections.  They will be challenged to use their initiatives and imagination.  They will make the most of their week by "getting involved."  Girls State is sponsored by the world's largest women's patriotic organizations.  The American Legion Auxiliary.


The Girls State experience provides young women with the opportunity to meet and become friends with girls from all over the state and their everyday interests, making that friendship last a lifetime.

We here at Arizona Girls State look forward to seeing you virtually very soon.

ELIGIBILITY;  High school students who participate in and complete either an American Legion Boys State or Auxiliary Girls  State program and are a direct descendant, i.e., child, grandchild, or legally adopted child of a U. S. veteran who served during a period of war.  Furnish requested information when completing this application.  Do not attach any documents or additional pages to this application, except as requested.  All other documentation or added pages will be discarded.



City:_______________________________         State: _______________                     Zip___________


Telephone: _________________________         

Date of Birth - Month_____      Day ____   Year______

I am the (state relationship)____________           of (vetean's name ____________________________

Veteran's Address (if living)________________City________________State______Zip___________

who served active duty during one or more of the following periods: (Check one)


(April 6, 1917 -November 11, 1918) World War I
(December 7, 1941 - December 31, 1946) World War II
(June 25, 1950 - January 31, 1955) Korean War
(February 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975) Vietnam War
(August 24, 1982 - July 31, 1984) Lebanon/Grenada
(December 20, 1989 - January 31, 1990) Operation Just Cause
(August 2, 1990 - Today)* Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
and Until the Cessation of Hostilities.
High School Record:  This section is to be completed by a high school official.

Number of students in high school _________    Number of students a applicant's class___________
Cummulative Grade Point Average (GPA)____     GPA scale is:_________ (i.e. 4 or 6 or 12 point, etc)

Expected Date of Graduation______________

Signature______________________________     Date _____________________________________
                                                                                                                    Print name & title
                                                                                                                   Affix school stamp or seal

(Print page and complete application)