Post 65's Committees

"It takes a village," meaning together, we all are responsible for a welcoming, safe, and healthy environment to develop and flourish as a post. At that point, we will recognize our full potential.  Legionnaires, Sons, and Auxillary, please facilitate or join one or two of our committees today.


  • WELCOME COMMITTEE: This committee recruits, retains, and engages members to give the post the volunteers to create success for The American Legion in the local community.


  • HOUSE COMMITTEE: This committee supervises the post's physical facilities, such as a clubroom, American Legion center, meeting room, etc. Responsibilities include administration, equipment, the hiring and direction of employees (as authorized by the post executive committee), and general rules applicable to the conduct of members while on the post's premises.


  • ​​ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE: This Committee operates in the interest of Post 65 for the organization and planning of post-events.


  • ​​FINANCE COMMITTEE: This committee supervises the receiving, disbursement, and accounting of all post-funds, prepares annual budget recommendations, and advises the post on all financial policies.


  • SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: This committee connects the community youth qualified for scholarship assistance.


  • CHILDREN & YOUTH: This committee ensures children of veterans in need of care and protection receive proper and timely services and aid, extends connections to verified organizations and facilities providing services for children and youth, and maintains programs that meet the needs of youth in the local community.


  • SECURITY COMMITTEE:  This committee identifies potential risk and safety issues for the post while ensuring the staff and patrons are safe.   Mitigating the problems as they appear, contacting the proper authority when the altercation occurs, and creating incidents for every conflict.


  • VETERANS PARADE COMMITTEE: This committee gathers at the appropriate time of year to ensure the planning and organization of the Veterans Parade Float for entrance into the Annual Veterans Parade.